Gluten Summit Day-1 Recap

The Gluten Summit kicked off on November 11, 2013. Dr. Tom O’Bryan did an amazing job putting the program together.

On Day 1 Dr. O’Bryan released four interviews:

1: Before Marsh III: Why the Early Stages of Celiac Disease Must be Taken Seriously

Michael Marsh, MD, DSC, FRCP

2: How Sensitivity to Gluten Can Impact Your Heart and Cardiovascular System


3:After the Diagnosis: Supporting YOU With Making Sense of Labels, Dining Out With Confidence and Transitioning Smoothly to a Gluten-Free Diet

Cynthia Kupper, RD

4:Eliminating Gluten as the 1st Step in Preventing Brain Conditions

David Perlmutter, MD, FACN, ABIHM

The Dr. Marsh interview was fascinating due to his knowledge of what is really going on in the mucosal tissues under attack from gluten. There are microscopic changes that are occurring and the changes are happening far before it can be detected visually. He’s been fighting the fight for over 20 years. Well worth the hour listen. This interview is definitely technical and is worth listening to a few times and maybe even grabbing a transcript to get it all.

I was unable to listen to the Dr. Houston’s interview due to time issues, but plan on updated when I get a chance to! Thankfully Dr. O’Bryan is releasing all the interviews with transcripts for a fee.

Ms. Kupper’s interview contained lots of nuggets of good information for those of us living the gluten free life. How to eat out. Learning the right questions to ask. Learning the body language in the answers. And figuring out when to just not eat there. I hadn’t heard about her non-profit Gluten Intolerance Group They have a program that certifies and trains restaurants in providing a gluten free menu. They are the group that helped California Pizza Kitchen re-launch their Gluten Free Pizza safely.

I also enjoyed Dr. Pearlmutter’s interview. He explained Cross-Reactivity to me better than I have ever heard it before. I may have to go back and hear it again though! It’s also encouraging that many brain diseases can be prevented or reversed through better nutrition.

Excited for Day 2 of the Gluten Summit, if you missed Day 1, then head on over to the Summit Order page and get the whole week for $67