Geothermal water meets the Cold ocean!(Update on Data Recovery too!)

Geothermal Runoff on the Reykjanes peninsula.

I really liked the green and blue colors here! The steam was neat too!

Steam on the Reykjanes Peninsula. See this image on my Smugmug Page

This was our last night in Iceland. I had hoped to make it further up north to shoot another famous spot, but it was going to be a two hour drive and would have messed up things. So our guide decided to take us here!

It’s an interesting sight to see the hot geothermal water connecting to the cool ocean water. There is plenty of steam, but I had thought we would see more steam. Maybe the breeze helped to keep the steam down I don’t know.
And a fun update on my damaged drive(I wrote about it here), the great people at the Data Rescue Center have restored my entire drive. I don’t have the drive in my possession, only an email confirmation that it is on the way! It took about 5 weeks for the restore, which was hard to endure. On two occasions I was impatient and sent update notes. I learned something, it’s better to just wait and let them work. The head of my Hard Drive broke when my hard drive fell to the floor. So to get the drive working again the experts take the disk platters from my broken drive and place them on a donor drive with a working head and then work to be able to clone the drive. One of the notes I received back informed me that my drive was so damaged that so far they were unable to boot the drive on the donor drive and they were having to use specialized files to bring it to life and that this takes time and that there were many steps before they would rule my Drive Non-Recoverable. That really wasn’t the news I wanted to hear. As the weeks clicked by I began to realize that if they can’t restore my drive then I only have to pay the $200 deposit and I couldn’t imagine them working so hard on my drive and not getting paid, which of course made me feel better.
Now that my drive is on the way back home I am now working on plugging a few holes in the Photo Back-up Plan that I wrote about here.