Podcast Episode 9: Brian Rueb

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Brian Rueb is a High School art teacher and leads photophraphy workshop with the Aperture Academy all over the world

Quotes from this Episode: 

“I didn’t appreciate art history until I understood the process”

“Landscape photography is the easiest art form. “

“If you have the budget you can go get an amazing portfolio”

“Its always about the connections with people…”

“I’m always able to find a new way to look at a scene”

“I’m inspired to see the potential of my family…”

“How do I get out of my own head that not being busy is ok”


Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Brian values his family and his students. He continually works to improve himself so he can be a better, husband, father, and teacher! His biography is a story of finding his own place in the world to better those around him.!  

Thanks for the time Brian!

be sure to visit Brian’s Portfolio, He’s an amazing artist, although he’d argue with you on that point! I’m a fan!

And give him a visit on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brianrueb/