Podcast Episode 8: Dr. Bernie Villadiego DDS

Dr. Bernie Villadiego is a Cosmetic Dentist in Southern California. Bernie enjoys spending time with his family and taking photographs of incredible landscapes.

Quotes From This Episode: 

“I feel like photography is carrying on my brother’s legacy”

“What drives you is your passion so you have to find out what our passion is, cause you never know what the future holds… “

“You don’t know what you’ve lost until you’ve lost it. “

“We make it a point to put our phones away at dinner time “

“I get a kick out of being scolded by my kids!”

“Fear comes when you don’t know what expect”

“Lost riches can always be recovered buy lost time can never be recovered”

“Why would you want to spend time with somebody that knows less than you do!”

“I try to hang out with people I can learn from”

Doug’s discovered biography: 

Bernie has a unique ability to connect people and influence people in ways he’s not even aware of. Bernie is able touch people , befriend and change lives.