Podcast Episode 7: Darren White

Darren is a landscape photographer from Littleton, Colorado. Darren has been published in various magazines like Popular Photography, Columbia Gorge Magazine and had a mention in National Geographic Traveler. His prints have been sold worldwide and used for all kinds of media from Websites to Trade Show Backdrops.


Quote from this episode: 

“Spent 20 years to build a sustainable photography business”

“I was always scared of dying, until I held my Mom’s hand when she died and saw how peaceful it was, and I’m not scared of it anymore”

“I’m inspired by the things I see in nature”

If I stay in my house I’ll never seen anything..

“People that are late drive me nuts!”

“Don’t be afraid to here NO”

“Do not care about what people think of your, the less you care the happier you’ll be”

“Every one has to start somewhere”

“I have always strived to as good a person as my father was”

Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Darren caught glimpses of the stars from his bathroom window on the Oregon coast as a kid and fell in love with them. This led to a journey to figure out how to photograph the stars and to teach others how to do so as well! His perseverance is inspiring!