Podcast Episode 4: Dr. Muna Strasser DDS

Dr. Muna Strasser is a Restorative and Cosmetic Dentist in the Quad Cities area of Illinois.

Quotes from this episode: 

“Spent 5 years in Libya, evacuated Libya to Rome, 2 weeks before Qaddafi threw all the Americans out of Libya.”

“Went to a Bedouin school in Saudi Arabia”

“Apart from Drinking Camel milk which I didn’t like, they would let us ride their camels it was kind of a neat growing up”

“Dad what am I going to be? You’re going to be a dentist!”

“dentistry can be done anywhere in the world.. “

“My office was in a building on the flight path of the plane that hit the pentagon on 9/11”

“(in September 2001) I was on standby for forensics, and never got a call… there was nothing identifiable… “

“Living in Libya was like living under Covid”

“Covid is like wartime Lebanon except there’s no bombs going off and there are no bodies in streets and you don’t see the skies lighting up at night..”

“Taking time to stop and think about how good they have it, that’s a good thing”

“Hopefully we’ll come out of COVID wiser”

“Were just here to change the world for the better!”

Doug’s Discovered Biography:

Dr. Strasser life experiences have enabled her to see the world and life in a way that allows her to embrace her family, friends and patients in a way no others can. I mean who went to school with the Bedouins? 🙂 

Thank you Dr. Strasser for the engaging and informative chat! 

You can find more about Dr. Strasser on her practice website: https://strasserdds.com