Podcast Episode 2: Dr. Andrew Cohen DDS

Dr. Andrew Cohen is a restorative and cosmetic Dentist in Jenkintown, PA. A native of Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania, Dr. Andrew Cohen graduated from Syracuse University with a BS in psychology. Dr. Cohen received his DMD degree at the Temple University School of Dentistry in 1998.

Doug’s Discovered Biography

Dr. Andrew Cohen is health centered dentist that cares deeply for his patients who wants the best for them in every aspect of their care. He’s going search for the best info he can and count on himself to get his patients the best information so they can make the best decisions. Which is exactly how he’s been able to survive and thrive in his own life.

Quotes from Dr. Cohen this Episode: 

“I don’t like to do things that I can’t do in my head that’s perfect.. “

“Searching for the beauty so I can almost relive the moment I took the Shot…. “

“My Greatest Success is the work that I’ve done on me.. “

“The decisions I made at the time were the best decision I could make and when I learned that I could do things a different way I made the choice to change…”

“There’s nothing to stop us from changing…”

“I don’t like the unknown, its just the next challenge…”

“Ending is giving up…”

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