Email Communication tips

A google search for “Email Marketing Tips” leads to 22 million pages. There are lots of answers to how to effectively market using the medium of email. So what are the questions?

I stumbled on 5 Tips for Winning the Inbox Contest 2009, an article discussing the current state of Email Marketing.

I’ll focus on #3 from the list of 5, Leverage the ‘unmarketing’ExactTarget’s 2008 Channel Preference Survey showed consumers are more receptive to receiving thank-yous and confirmations via e-mail than any other channel. Using current customer interactions to fuel communication, foster dialog and drive sales is a must. I call it the “unmarketing” because it happens in the background. Whether it’s a welcome e-mail, order confirmation, statement, notice or customer service response, each communication holds promise to retain a customer, make a sale and/or improve your standing in how customers see you.”

This is very interesting, people are more receptive to receiving thank-yous and confirmations via email than any other form of communication. It is definitely easier to send a short “how are you” or “Thank You” email than it is to place a phone call. Maybe it’s time to figure out how to use email to say Thank You!

Here’s a link with Email Marketing Articles, an interesting primer.