Don’t be afraid of the camera, someday you’ll be remembered by it’s photos


I recently attended a funeral service for a colleague of mine. He had lived a long good life that still ended too soon. During the service one of his grandsons created a video slideshow of his life. This guy loved life and the photos showed it. They shared great photos that helped an outsider get a better idea of him and his life. As one that often has a camera with me I often run into people that don’t want their photo taken, ever! When you do get a chance they make it difficult to get a decent image. They move their eyes, turn their head or blink. Anyone that has taken photos knows what I’m talking about. The reality is that most of us don’t enjoy having our photo taken, but i’m pretty sure most of us would want to be remembered with great photos. So next time you wince at the camera think about your legacy or the slideshow at your memorial.

For those Photographers out there this post from Scott Bourne over at PhotoFocus provides 7 tips to get the most out of your photos…