Does it taste good? Yes and fun way to use up peaches!

Approximately 3 months ago I took the Cyrex Labs Array 4 blood test. This test checks for other foods that are acting like gluten, in other words they spike IgG/IgA levels, which is bad if one is trying to maintain or heal a small intestine. My test came back positive for all Dairy, Millet and borderline rice. Ever since I’ve attempted to remove all dairy, rice and millet. Try finding anything in a package that’s gluten free, dairy free and rice free. So i’ve headed back to the kitchen and started trying new things. I’ve discovered an amazing Gluten free-Dairy free-Rice Free Chocolate Chip Cookie, a delicious Gluten Free-Dairy Free-Rice free Eggplant Parmesan, and a fun Gluten Free-Dairy Free-Rice Free Lemon Cake. And I have been thinking of a few other items to add to down the road.

I enjoy sharing one of my cookies with friends and mention that it’s gluten free-dairy free and rice free, the usual response is “does it taste good” and it’s always fun to see them try one to see for themselves. The answer to the “does it taste good” is very subjective of course, but these aren’t “health food” cookies, they still have sugar and fat, which always treats the taste buds well. I have noticed that the cookies get eaten in bunches, I guess people think they are healthier or something, but that’s another post altogether.

I’ve discovered that Gluten Free-Dairy Free and Rice free is more art than science. Yes there are some principles that apply but in general it’s learning how the flours work together. What flours can be substituted. Learning how the flours handle moisture. Too much liquid and you have goo, too little and it all falls apart.

Gluten Free-Dairy Free-Rice Free Fresh Peach Cake

Yesterday I had some peaches that were at the stage of either use or throw away, so with some prodding from my wife I tried to make a Cinnamon-Peach loaf/cake, using the Lemon Cake recipe as a starter and swapping out the Lemon juice with fresh peaches. The only liquid I needed was Vanilla, Eggs and Coconut Oil, after I added the Fresh Peaches the dough was quite wet(wet enough that I knew I couldn’t add any more moisture) and the cake after baking was very moist and delicious, if I had added more liquid it would have turned to goo in the center.

Trial and error is necessary in a Gluten Free-Dairy Free kitchen…sometimes that work pays off with goodies that are worth sharing! The peach cake is a family hit as well!…