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Kirkjufell Reflections
Kirkjufell Reflections

In my “How I made the Shot on iPhone Campaign” post, I discussed the idea of discovering something is possible.
Knowing something is possible is often where the idea ends.
Possibilities for financial freedom, finding a great work/life/family balance, traveling,  and achieving world peace, often seem against the odds.

Knowing something is possible doesn’t mean it will become reality, but knowing the possibilities is a great first step!

The only limiting factor is that voice in your head that says “that’s not possible”!

Discover opportunities and go for it!

On my third trip to Iceland, I was finally able to visit the Snaefellsness peninsula! I had seen images of Kirkjufell, also known as Church Mountain but had never been able to get there! We finally made it on our latest trip, for sunset and also stayed overnight to catch a sunrise as well.

I enjoyed trying to capture the area in the different light. This location was our last about an hour after official sunrise.

Grateful for the opportunity and fantastic weather!

A larger version of this image can be viewed here:

It took me a few trips to get there; I’m glad I finally made it!

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