Reasons to build a website for the office

With the start of the New Year, I started to consider why a dentist would want or need a website for their office. Many dentists have them, many never look at them once their built, and some use them very effectively. I’ve come up with 6 reasons so far(and more to come I’m sure) to start a website.

  1. A website is a great way to communicate who you are to your current patient base and the potential new patients they may invite to your practice. Your website might be the first impression of who you are and the fact that you have a website might be enough for a new patient to consider your services.
  2. A website can display your menu of services. A common misconception is that all dentists do all things, if you do some things and not others, a website is a great way to differentiate your services.
  3. Your website is the best place to keep up-to-date current information about your office. Think of testimonials, patients of the day/month, contests, new staff members, staff news(marriages,births etc.)
  4. Many patients refer to the internet to begin to solve a problem or potential problem. Why not have your site be the source to answer these questions: What to do when a cap falls off? What about dull tooth pain? My gums bleed when I brush? My tooth hurts when chewing?
  5. Show off your work! This is a no brainer, patients want to see what you can or can’t do…. For this make sure it’s your own work, and your own photography, stock images don’t work very well.
  6. It is now very easy to incorporate any web site into your practice management system and offer the ability to accept online payments and check account info, send secure communication, and much more. This is cutting edge stuff.

So far I haven’t mentioned because your friend has one, that isn’t a very good reason, if your going to build a website, do it to make your practice better, do it to communicate better to your patients, do it show off who you are…