Deep inside an Ice Cave-Updated

Ice Caves of Vatnajokull Glacier
Inside Crystal Cave!

Loved this view from the depths of the Ice Cave! Click on the image to see a larger version!

Shooting conditions inside Ice Caves is quite challenging. The light, the blowing snow, the cold, and fellow photographers are some of the reasons.

This image was shot entirely inside the Ice Cave but it is a composite image of two scenes. Here’s the first image I captured of the hiker closer to the entrance:


Inside an Ice Cave

I liked this image as the hiker definitely gave a sense of scale of the cave..


Deeper in the Ice Cave

As we moved back into the cave we didn’t have any models at the front of the cave at this time. I liked this comp with the cone of snow that was growing by the minute pointing towards the entrance. I couldn’t have shot this model from this location as there were roughly 10 other photographers standing behind the snow cone! I also feel this is a good image without the hiker, but I feel it’s better with hiker…

So with a few handy Photoshop tools I combined the two images into one…