Daisies, Peonies and a Whiffle Ball

Still having fun with Spring Flowers…

Day 130- Peonies

I thought this Peonie bud was neat amongst all the big blossom bursts.

Day 131- Orange Gerbera Daisies


I don’t know how they get the colors in the daisies, but these orange and yellow ones are pretty cool!

Day 132-My Kids wanted a capture for Mom on Mothers Day…



Day 133- More Peonies


Had never really studied the inside of a Peonie until now… and of course I’ve forgotten what all the parts are called inside the flower.. I’ll have to go review my Botany texts.

Day 134-Drooping Daises


I pretty much like daisies in all forms… I liked these in the late afternoon window light.

Day 135-Whiffle Ball


Had a bit of fun with a whiffle ball…