Crazy Colored Pencils

Here’s photo # 171 or 366, getting close to halfway through this year and that is hard to believe.

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I’m in the midst of a website overhaul for my dental practice website, since the current one is feeling dated. Trouble is I don’t like all the cookie cutter “glossy” sites I often see, I want some control and I don’t want to pay for SEO listings for keywords only dentists use to find themselves but that’s a topic for another day. So i’ve hired a designer to spruce up a WordPress site using the Headway Themes. I’m doing the nuts and bolts design and getting the graphics and other guidance from the designer. This is my first foray into building a WordPress site for myself. I have experience with Expression Engine, in fact i’m still a fan as this site runs it currently, but I have lost the ability/patience to fumble through css or php code. WordPress with a Headway theme is silly simple. Expression Engine is a annual fee CMS, so I feel more secure about it’s code, few fewer cooks in the kitchen so to speak than WordPress. I’m a bit concerned about WordPress security and have been doing a bit of research to help lock it down. I’ve implemented the WP Better Security plugin to help keep things locked down. Which leads me to another thing, WordPress is free, but it’s not, themes, plugins and whatever add ons to keep it going can add hundreds of dollars to the cost. I was a bit surprised by that. I guess that’s what they call the economy of “free”!

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