Cool Palm-Day 11 of Picture a Day 2012

So as my work day ended I raced outside to see if I could catch some clouds in the sky. Sadly there weren’t too many clouds in the sky, but I did find some cool light on this palm tree. I chose to use the TrueHDR app on my iPhone for most of the processing but i did use a little bit of Perfect Photo Studio for some subtle changes..

Here’s today’s photo:

ISO 125 ƒ/2.4 1/20 with iPhone 4S

Here’s the original file saved out the TrueHDR app:


So into OnOneSoftware’s Perfect Effects 3 for a couple of filters:


When I saved this file back to Aperture(Mac App Link), I noticed the sky was a bit noisy, so I decided to open the image up in Nik Software’s Dfine 2.0 to help reduce the noise in the sky. Over all i’m happy with this image, probably didn’t need to use the extra steps, but it’s fun to see how subtle the changes can be.