Calla Lilies in Big Sur

A quick update and photos of Calla Lilies

I just realized that I haven’t posted in over two months! Where has the time gone!

I was invited to join a cohort in The Arcanum. Im excited about the opportunity to grow my photographic arts via this medium! The Arcanum is approximately 2 years old now. I filled out a profile when they launched. As with most new ventures there are growing pains, so it took awhile for them to find enough Photographic Masters to meet the demand. I feel fortunate to have been picked by Les Saucier. He’s a fantastic photographer and so far a great mentor! I’m looking forward to this venture! The good news is that this project will encourage me to take more photos! Watch this space for new work!

OnOneSoftware is now On1 Software. On1 makes Perfect Photo Suite a collection of plugs and great tools to use either on it’s own or alongside Lightroom and Photoshop. Perfect Photo Suite has gone through a significant upgrade path over the past few years and On1 is ready to launch Perfect Photo Suite 9.5 soon. I use Perfect Photo Suite on most of my images. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t.

In Big Sur calla lilies grow in the wild. I have never seen how or where Calla Lilies grow. These grow in a area where water from the hills filters down into drainage ditches and onto the beach and into the ocean.

They grow in wet muck! As you see their beauty you don’t really worry about the muck or the poison oak, but you try to avoid both! If you ever get to Big Sur go spend a few hours at Garapatta State Park and look for the Calla Lilies!