Being Featured in Apple’s 2016 Shot on iPhone Campaign

Possibilities and new images from Philly, NYC and Paris!

Crazy as it sounds, I didn’t submit my photo to Apple for inclusion in their campaign.
I took a picture on my iPhone 6S in January 2016 and posted it to my Instagram( account and added a few hashtags.
Two months later I get a mysterious email inquiring about one of my photos. I was then sent a Non-Disclosure Agreement(NDA) from Apple Inc. and the advertising agency.
Three months later I was notified that my image is in the 2016 “Colors” Shot on iPhone campaign and used around the world!

There is more to this story, though. In December 2015, I was in an Apple Store playing around with the iPad Pro with my son, and I noticed a large Shot on iPhone display in the store and wondered how Apple had found the photographer for the ad. A few web searches later I discovered that Apple and it’s Ad Agency scoured social media sites for iPhone photos.

Once I found out it was possible, I thought, why not me?

The rest is history!

It appears that the campaign is coming to a close, but there are still images coming in! If you happen to see the ad anywhere in the world snap a pic and send it on it! This post includes images from Philadelphia, NYC and many from Paris!



New York City


Paris, France
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