Asparagus for Dinner-PAD #37

Getting dinner ready on Monday’s are always a challenge since it’s a full work and school day…. So by the time we start thinking about dinner it’s close to 7pm. So tonight we steamed some asparagus and made a quick veggie stew in a bit pot that was ready in a few minutes. The Epicurean calls Asparagus the Supreme Vegetable. Wiki also a decent write up about Asparagus that even includes a note about the Asparagus Urine Effect. So here’s today’s photo of Asparagus:

SO 1000 ƒ/5.6 T 1/40

Here’s the saved jpg from the RAW file:


It’s a little yellow and lifeless, so I decided to play with it in Aperture(Mac App Link):


I then opened it up in Perfect Photo Suite 6 and added a Daily Vitamin filter to the image. I still need to work on my food still life image, and I suppose a better lighting setup other than the light over my kitchen sink as well!