A Little Fog, Sunset’s and Easter Dresses

The kids were off the week prior to Easter this year, so we spent a few days in Santa Barbara enjoying the sea air and beaches.

Day 88- Sun peeking through the fog

We had taken a long walk on the beach late in the afternoon as I was hoping the fog would lift a bit to display a fun sunset. I soon realized that the for was not going to lift so I decided to have fun with it and start using the fog to my advantage. This is a 3 exposure HDR taken handheld to capture the colorful flowers in the foreground and the sun peeking through in the background. I’ll admit I got lucky with the Gull in the left hand corner. I’ll be getting a print done of this in the near future. This image is available for purchase here, use the coupon code: blog13 for 15% off at checkout.

Day 89-Santa Barbara Sunset


After two days of fog in the evening I was excited to see the sunset for variety. This print is available for purchase here, use the coupon code: blog13 for 15% off at checkout..

Day 90- J in her Easter Dress


Got home in time to hunt some eggs!