Updated Shot on iPhone-Ice Cave Locations #4

Updated Shot on iPhone-Ice Cave Locations #4

Montreal, Hamburg, an Australian Magazine and more!

This weeks update is exciting!


The Montreal location was a bit challenging to find as my best guess was not correct at all, but my new friend and friend of a friend Nicole Best (https://plus.google.com/+NicoleBest) from Montreal tracked it down on a busy freeway. As she was getting the photo of the billboard, a Trooper pulled up behind her car and briefly questioned what was going on! Fortunately, after a brief discussion, let her finish and be on her way! Here’s the billboard from Montreal!

Montreal-Ice Cave

Thank you Nicole!


I have received a few smaller from the Hamburg station but I was aware that there was a large banner hanging in the station… A friend of my sisters from way back lives in Hamburg, Germany and was heading there to pick up a friend and was able to capture a few images of the banner! Thank you Sebastian! I love these images!

Hamburg-Ice Cave

Hamburg- Ice Cave


My ad is also on the back cover of the Weekly Australian Magazine. This was sent to my by my friend from The Arcanum, Tanya Wallis(https://plus.google.com/+tanya-wallis)….. Thank you Tanya! I love this photo! Australian Magazine

Los Angeles

And a bonus few images from Los Angeles that are a little different than I’ve seen before! Thanks to Morgan for sending these in!

I love the first one with the cars in the intersection, gives a nice sense of scale!


I love this angle of the building with the palm tree there too! Love this!


San Francisco

Also have received a few more from Market St. and the Montgomery St BART station! Thanks to Nate and John for sending these in!

Montgomery St. Station IMG_6201


More to come! Still looking for locations in Russia, China, Istanbul and Mexico!

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