Toothpaste- I didn’t think it mattered.

So the Oral-B rep stops by and drops off a few tubes of the new Crest Multi Care toothpaste. It is new and improved with supposedly a better flavor. The previous version received lots of complaints about it’s taste. To me it’s just toothpaste, i’ll use my kids toothpaste if it’s available, often time a wet toothbrush works just fine most of the time, but typically use toothpaste for fresh breath and the fluoride benefits. So I put the tube in the drawer and inform my wife that it’s there and to try it out.

A few weeks go by and I notice that there is a new tube of AquaFresh toothpaste in the drawer. Which leads to the question of what is wrong with the Crest toothpaste?

“It’s a gel and I prefer pastes. Gel’s don’t foam up very much and my teeth don’t feel as clean, the AquaFresh is half gel and half paste and it foams nicely.”

I wonder if others choose a toothpaste solely on the quality of foam production. If not how do you choose your toothpaste?

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