Cool Shades, Daisies and Big Girl Shoes

Cool Shades, Daisies and Big Girl Shoes

Day 101 Setting Sun on the Pine Tree

Pine tree in the setting sun

Captured this with my iPhone and liked the way the sun hit the tree against the blue sky.

Day 102 Cool Shades

Shades, Ready for Summer!

Found J’s shades out and ready for the summer sun… I think they’re cute!

Day 103 Spring White Daisies

Fun White Daisies

Was over at a friends house and found these beautiful White Daisies. I liked the silky feel to this… Almost like they are floating in space.

Day 104 J’s Big Girl Shoes

J’s Big Girl Shoes

My daughter found my wife’s shoes and I had to grab my camera.



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  • chuck

    Loved ‘em all–especially the shades!