Red Ferrari’s and a Green Vase(and a few others)

Day 109 – Driving Red Ferrari’s
















Spent the morning at Exotic Racing at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. They have a separate track in the parking lot of the speedway and they let you drive these cool cars on the track! I had a blast and I really didn’t think I would. I got to drive this car!

Day 110 Tree Through the Deck



This is a handheld HDR on the deck of our cabin up in the local mountains. I know I’m supposed to use a tripod shooting HDR but I am way to lazy to carry all the gear, plus it’s fun to see what I can do handheld. 🙂

Day 111 Giggles playing ball



Had a ball playing ball with J on a beautiful afternoon

Day 112 Peach Rose


My Mom’s roses are really doing well this spring… I liked this peach rose!

Day 113 R Playing Ball



Caught a fun portrait of my son at his baseball game! Taken with an iPhone 4s and edited with the Camera Awesome app.

Day 114 Green Vase


I liked the way the sun caught this cool green vase.


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