Re-Sizing images,BIGGER, sometimes it’s the only option!

Re-Sizing images,BIGGER, sometimes it’s the only option!

On occasion the camera or iPhone isn’t set to save the highest resolution images. This often isn’t a problem until you go to print or make a book for Mom! I recently created a Blurb book and found a few images that received a warning from Blurb that the images may not print well. Do to the nature of the images, I could have easily made them smaller and included them with other images, but I wanted to test out Perfect Resize 9 from OnOneSoftware. This is an application that uses math to build more pixels! The image on the left below is the original out of an iPhone 5S(1536×2048) and the image on the right has been resized to 16X20(4800×6000) image in Perfect Resize 9. If you click on the images you can evaluate the original images in your browser.


Image Resized with Perfect Resize 9 to 4800×6000



Original iPhone 5S image(1536 x 2048)

What’s great about Perfect Resize 9 is that you have the option to resize up to an appropriate print size. Most digital cameras shoot at 2×3 aspect ratio. Sometimes you want to print at 4×5. Instead of cropping and losing pixels, with Perfect Resize 9 you can upsize to 4×5. Obviously there are limits and images that won’t upsize well, but for many images that are composed well and lit well the software does an amazing job!

Perfect Resize 9 is part of the Perfect Photo Studio 9 and can be purchased separately or bundled in the studio version!


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