New Softboxes! Fun Portrait.

Photo a Day 4/365

I just bought some new Soft Boxes for my Alien Bees Strobes. Since I don’t have a huge studio to move the strobes around I wanted larger soft boxes to diffuse the light better in smaller spaces. That’s the theory anyway. We’ll see if it works out that way. I almost bought a 30″X60″ Soft box from but I couldn’t justify the cost of their boxes when I could get two boxes from for the price of one. So I bought one 32″X48″ Soft Box  and one 12″X80″ Strip box from Amazon for under $150 including next day shipping.

I haven’t seen the Softboxes from and i’m sure they are higher quality and if I made my living modifying light I’m pretty sure I would see the value their soft boxes. I’m pleased with the build of the Fotodiox soft boxes, I didn’t have much trouble putting them together and i think they’ll serve my needs quite well.

From Day 4 of 2012’s project:

And from Day 4 of 2011’s project:

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