Lone Pine Cone-Fun With Kids

My son gathered a few items from the forest floor over the weekend. Mainly pine cones and pine needles and a few rocks. Today when I got home from work he was busy setting them up in the back yard. Trying to build a wall of rocks dirt and pine cones.

He asked, “do we have any dynamite?”

I explained that we didn’t have any dynamite.

He asked, “do we have a bucket so we could put some bark and pine cones in to start a fire in the bucket?”

I asked why we needed to start a fire in a bucket?

He said, “to blow up the rocks!”

I didn’t want to be a big party pooper, but we weren’t going to start a bonfire in the backyard tonight.

So I asked if a candle would do…..

He said, “sure.”

Whew! This was a going to be a minor explosion!

So today’s photo comes from the set up of the minor explosion to bring down the rock wall. The wall is in the left hand portion of the frame. The wall came down and nobody was injured.

Photo a day 282/366

This is the second pine cone that I remember in this years 366 project, the other one can be found here. And the rest of years photos can be seen in the 2012 photo a day gallery


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