Leadership and Self-Deception - a Book Worth Reading

On a recommendation a week or so ago, I picked up a copy of Leadership and Self-Deception
I didn’t really want to start reading it as I didn’t really want to hear about the topic of Self-Deception especially as it revolves around Leadership. Well I started reading and didn’t put it down, and now I am thinking I need to start all over and re-read it… This is a tale written by The Arbinger Institute. It is a story about a fictional company that has a different approach in treating people as who they are, People. Not objects or pawns in a game. They talk about it “being in the box” or “out of the box” if your “in the box” your deceiving yourself that you matter more than others and if your “out of the box” you see others as just people and equal to you. They are not objects or stepping stones to your success, they are people. Obviously, I have lots to learn, but this has definitely got me thinking about all the relationships I have with people, are they people or objects?

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