How Full is Your Piggy Bank? Picture a day 5/366

Came home from work and it was dark but I found one of my kids Piggy Bank’s. So I decided to see what I could do with it. Here’s my final image, Note if click on the image a larger image can be viewed :

ISO 100 ƒ/2.8 T 1/40 at 50mm with an off camera flash unit to camera right bounced of the slanted ceiling.

Here’s the saved JPG file from the RAW file, note I use Aperture for my initial RAW processing


A tad bit dull, but again I slightly underexposed the image to help remove the background clutter, so here are my edits in Aperture(Mac App Link):


From here I opened the file up in Perfect Photo Effects 3 from OnOneSoftware’s Perfect Photo Suite and used the Glow>Deep Forest effect for the final image. I think a few edits have been helpful.

Sadly, this piggy bank is empty.

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