D’Anjou Pears day 43 of 365

Photo a day 43 of 365

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I improvised a bit for this image and placed these cool red d’anjou pears under a large soft box attached by my Alien Bees strobe. My kids usually have some sort of white poster board around for various project, but I was unable to find a clean piece of poster board I used the floor. I liked how the floor added texture and depth to the final image.

Processing consisted of slight levels adjustment in Aperture. I then imported the image into Perfect Photo Effects 4 from OnOneSoftware and applied the Daily Vitamin filter at 60% and then added Grunge Vignette Dark. Then exported back into Aperture for some final dodge and burn for the final image.

Day 43 in 2012:

Day 43 of 2011:

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