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Adding a Backdrop

So we are slowly making progress on the scenery. The addition of one of the backdrops as really helped to pull things together. Now the finer details of ground cover can be completed to blend into the backdrop.

The backdrop is 292” long by 40” tall.. I did some creative photoshop splicing to achieve this file. I was then able to upload that file so that my friends at my local Fastsigns could print it out on some fairly heavy stock paper, sorry I don’t have the actual name or brand of the paper. It’s the stuff they use for trade show banners. Its fairly sturdy in that it doesn’t rip or tear easily. Below are some more photos of the backdrop.

And for more photos you can check out our gallery on

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Creating the Foothills

Slowly were starting to detail the transition from the flatlands to the mountains…. A majority of the rock work is complete, now on to the paint, trees and final detailing. Also, the bridge cassons have been completed and it’s been glued into place. Here are some photos of our current progress. Hope to have more… Continue Reading

Detailing the Mountain

After the rocks were placed and carved in the White plaster was painted with multiple layers of paint in various colors. A base color was added first to cover the all the white, then I used diluted acrylic paint in water. Applied with a water sprayer. This allowed the paint to be added in drips… Continue Reading

The Mountain Begins…

Here’s the beginning of the mountain made out of wood frame covered in wire mesh and one layer of plaster cloth: It’s always a good idea to practice on an area to get the feel of what your going to do for the rest of the mountain: Close up of the rock detail: This is… Continue Reading

Layout of upper track

Here’s a photo of the upper rail yard, this will become a passenger terminal: This is the other side of the upper level with the Turntable that will eventually lead to a house to store engines that aren’t in use: Here are a couple of engines on the tracks: Continue Reading

The Benchwork is Complete

Well, it took a few more days then planned, but the benchwork all the track on the lower level is complete. The guys finished late Saturday night so they could take off on Sunday morning for another job. Now it is up to us to complete the upper track, wire the whole layout and then… Continue Reading

Sublime Decay

Sublime Decay

Beautiful Antelope Canyon Buy this print here – View Full Screen Size HERE – View Arizona/Utah2016 Gallery HERE I keep going back to my Antelope Canyon images and keep discovering images that are interesting to me! This is one that I stumbled on recently. The texture, the light, the colors are pretty neat here! The Society6 15%…

Sandstone Fins

Sandstone Fins

Delicate Fins at Little Finland In a previous post, I posted some night photography images from Little Finland. In this post, I’ll share some images of delicate fins in the daylight! It’s a location I hope to return so I can capture more of the delicate fins! Here’s a link to the full gallery: Photos…

Starry Night at Little Finland

Starry Night at Little Finland

Astrophotography at Little Finland, NV Had the opportunity to spend some time in this remote section of Southern Nevada. I’m not sure I’ve seen such delicate fins of sandstone anywhere. We were there on a cloudless night which allowed for experimentation in astrophotography. I’ve created a Little Finland Photo Gallery where you can find larger…

Fun Watching the Sunset at Canyonlands NP

Big Vista- Canyonlands National Park I have started a new Arizona/Utah Gallery on, and this image resides there as well! This is the view from the Green River Overlook in Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, UT. The vista is incredible, and the drop off seems like a few hundred feet! An interesting study of…

Sparkling Ice!

Never Tire of Ice on Ice Beach   On a gray and rainy morning, we ventured out to find some Glacier Ice on Black Sand Beach of Jokulsarlon! And my partner at On1 Software is having a sweepstakes, til the end of the month

Stormy Greenland

Stormy Greenland

Or a storm clearing It was fun watching the storm clear in the Fjords of Scoresby Sound, Greenland! In this area of the Fjord, many of these mountain peaks are 1000-2000m or roughly 3000-6000ft tall! I had seen images from Greenland and this area, but I never found any that accurately displayed the size and scope…

From Above the Donna Wood

From Above the Donna Wood

Cool, view from up here! The Donna Wood is owned and operated by the North Iceland Sailing Company. Iceland-Photo-Tours charters the Donna Wood for photo adventures in Scoresby Sound, Greenland! I had no idea we could climb to the top of the mast, but my son inquired about having a Peter Pan moment and our…

Magical Waterfalls – Iceland

The Water Just Appears I had seen images from Hraunfossar and wanted to visit it, I just didn’t know where it was! On a recent Iceland visit, we hunted the location down and got to visit it on the way to Kirkjufell! Usually, when you see a waterfall you also see a river or body…

Crystal Ice-Jökulsárlón Iceland

Crystal Ice on the Black Sand Beach A late July rain arrived the same morning I did to the Jökulsárlón Black Sand – Ice Beach. I almost didn’t venture out in the rain. My first trip with my 11-year-old son and had to let him experience it! I’ve been to this beach many times and…

Discover Possibilities

Kirkjufell Reflections In my “How I made the Shot on iPhone Campaign” post, I discussed the idea of discovering something is possible. Knowing something is possible is often where the idea ends. Possibilities for financial freedom, finding a great work/life/family balance, traveling,  and achieving world peace, often seem against the odds. Knowing something is possible…

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