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Notice White Spots on Your Teeth? Could be Celiac Disease

According to a recently published research study by Dr. Ted Malahais DDS and Dr. Peter Green MD ( up to 90% of children with Celiac Disease also have white spots in the enamel of their adult teeth. It is still unknown why these white spots occur but are often blamed on excess fluoride or tetracycline… Continue Reading

Raindrops on the Sunroof! Picture a day #21

Woke up this morning to rain clouds and wind gusts unto 50mph! When I got in my car to head out I opened the cover on the sunroof and found these cool water drops on the window. If you look at the larger sizes you’ll notice the reflection of my neighbors palm tree in the…

Onion in Black and White-Picture a day #19

Yep, an onion for today post. ISO 1000 ƒ/5.6 t 1/60 Black and White conversion done with Snapseed for Mac by Nik Software

a Red Tulip-Picture a day #18

Found this Red Tulip by the kitchen sink tonight. I think by tomorrow they will be gone. Not usually a fan of flash flares, but I liked this one. I placed an off camera strobe to the right and below the flower. Set on Manual at 1/64 with a paper towel over the top as…

Box of Crayons- Picture a day #17

So today’s challenge was a box of crayons. My son just recently organized this box in its color rows. So I asked him for a description of his ordering system. Blue is in the top left corner.Green is to the bottom left corner. Pinks are in the bottom middle. Purples in the top middle. Orange/Yellow…

Pomelo - Picture a day #16

So once again I come home on a Monday with no photo from today. I did take some portraits at work today, but nothing I wanted to share in my project. So I found these two Pomelos on the kitchen counter. So I wondered if I could come up with a unique image of these…

Soccer Ball- Picture a day #15

When you’re 6 years old life is all about motion. Every waking moment is spent thinking about what to do next or so it seems. So on weekends we play. This is a fairly simple photo, but of all the ones I took, I liked this image. Here’s the saved jpg from the RAW file:…

Gluten Free Dairy Free Lemon Cake

In December 2011 I found this post on the Glutenfree Goddess blog by Karina Allrich for Gluten Free Chocolate Gingerbread Cake. I made it twice over the holidays as it is delicious! About a week ago my wife mentioned that she would really like a moist Lemon Cake. So I wondered if I could turn…

Cool Clouds-Photo a Day #14

Spent the afternoon outside kicking the soccer ball around and was out late enough to catch the clouds start to change color as the sun went down! Only edit were auto levels in Aperture and I removed a few dust spots.

Red Shirt-Photo a day #13

I was able to pick my daughter up from school today, which mean that we got to have a photo shoot! She loved her red shirt and wanted to keep it on even though it was her school uniform. I liked the bright red as well. ISO 1000 ƒ/2.8 T 1/800 I think this image…

Day 12 of Photo a day-Soap Sea Shells

Busy day today, hardly time to take a photo let alone write up edit notes. So here’s my image or January 12, 2012 htt

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