Appointment Reminder Services-What’s up

My practice currently uses – Appointment Reminder service for my practice and have loved it’s simplicity and seamless integration with Eaglesoft. They do messaging really well. They amaze me all the time. They offer many different types of messaging services, appointment reminders, surveys, newsletters, birthday’s, anniversaries, and many others, just use your imagination. Just recently, they launched an online account service called Smiledash that allows a patient to view their account information, pay online, view upcoming appointments, ask for appointments, and send and receive private confidential emails.

They have even announced VSling, a patient testimonial service that allows patients to easily create both video and text based testimonials of your practice. What’s cool about Smile Reminder is that you don’t need to even have a web presence to use their service. It all works really well, and Smile Reminder even uses their own messaging services for their own newsletters.

Sesame Communications takes a bit of a different approach to patient communications. Sesame will entirely create a dentists online presence from web site creation, to newsletter production, appointment reminders, referring doctor communication, patient online account information and much more. I briefly thought about switching to Sesame after I heard a lecture, because it has lots of cool features that Smile Reminder hadn’t implemented yet. Then I got one of their newsletter’s via email, and noticed that they don’t even use their own software to send out their own newsletter! Shouldn’t a company that sells appointment reminder and email newsletter communication for your office, use their own messaging software for their own communication? Why is Sesame Communications using Constant Contact for their messaging needs?


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